Leathercraft Patterns- Where To Find Free Patterns And Selection Tips

Leathercraft is a popular leisure activity performed by many people around the world. Maybe you want to try it as well. You can use leather to design and sew handbags, shoes, coin purses, and checkbook covers among others. All you require are the right leatherworking tools and leathercraft patterns. Expert leatherworkers know how to create their own patterns by tooling leather.
Starters need to know how to work with leather to create both patterns and leather goods. Working with leather has been made easy by the Internet advancement. You can easily come across websites that provide patterns free of charge.
The following three Web resources contain free patterns to help the aspiring and expert leatherworkers:
* Tandy: Those who have used leather for sometime know about this leading leather factory. It has been around for close to a whole century now. Take your time to visits its official website and navigate through the pages. Click where you find the Free Pattern section. The cute leather patterns available will amaze you. Tandy offers a variety of patterns to guide you in designing a coin purse, a football belt buckle, and leather Christmas cards among others.
* Native Essence: You should truly find this site, which offers leathercraft patterns for making local pouches and leather handbags. You will be happy to download additional designer patterns that can emphasize your leather goods. If you want to craft an item that is indubitably American, try this leatherworking pattern site for free.
* Try Eight Bits: The site is for classic and newest free leather patterns. It directs leatherworkers to other places on the web where they can find extra projects to do.
There are other websites on the Internet that offer you free leather patterns. Others give you free links to other blogs and Websites that display free patterns. There are no excuses you could give for not pursing your leathercraft hobby or career. Now you know a few places where you can find leathercraft projects.
Read the tips below before you can select your patterns:
* Organize your project: You will not buy the correct patterns if do not plan for it. Deciding and organizing a project is the first step. Perhaps you want to use leather to sew a coin purse or a pair of shoes. Could you be keen on carving decorations? Answer all these questions before you can buy the patterns
* Are you a beginner or an expert: This is the second tip to consider. Starters should simply select tinier and uncomplicated leather patterns. Experts can select both complicated and simpler projects. Some sites will give you more highlights and instructions regarding leatherworks and tools needed. They provide a pattern kit with everything.
* Patterns should be transferable: Once you select a nice pattern, find out if you can transfer it elsewhere using a carbon paper.
* Supplies: Thinking about the supplies when selecting a pattern is a must. Each pattern must be done using given requirements. Ask yourself if it is easy to find those supplies or not.
* Try free patterns first: Before you can buy leathercraft patterns try the free styles. These patterns will enable you to sharpen your skills.

By: G. Smitty

How To Customize Citrix Web Interface With Extentrix Web Optimizer

Citrix Systems is a key player in today’s application virtualization market. Citrix Web Interface is a very popular web portal product that allows user access to Citrix resources. Since Citrix Systems is very good at branding its products, Web Interface has a distinct “Citrix” branding which is hard to ignore. That is very good for Citrix. However, if you are using the web interface as a portal for web resources of your own company, that might not be the best thing for you. Why, you ask? Here are a couple of reasons I can think of:
First and most importantly, by using the default (Citrix) branding of web interface without customizing it for your company, you are missing a huge opportunity to advertize your own brand. Companies spend significant amount of money to create “brand recognition”. Company brand conveys company’s message to its customers, business partners and employees. Every time the web portal is used, the message is re-enforced. This, in return, builds a bonding with the company. To take advantage of this, the company web portal should be customized.

Secondly, by displaying vendor branding on your company web portal, you are risking “brand confusion” among your prospective customers and business partners. For example, customers of a financial institute would expect to see the institute’s logo and branding on its web portal. The default look and feel with Citrix branding for Web Interface portal might confuse customers attempting to use services offered by the financial institution. Having the well know look and feel for your company represented on the web portal will make your customers feel comfortable and secure.

Now, the question is, how do we change the default “look and feel” for Citrix Web Interface? If you are a Citrix administrator, you might know that some parts of the Web Interface can be customized, using Citrix management console (Access Management Console). However, it is not possible to completely “re-brand” the portal using the management console.

There are several ways you can customize web interface:
1. You can put on your “web developer” hat and make the re-branding happen. Make sure you are prepared to face any future modification requests as the company branding could change in future.

2. You can pay some consulting company big bucks to customize the look and feel. Once again, be prepared for future expense in case of branding change.

3. Or you can use a very easy to use tool called “Web Optimizer” offered by Extentrix Systems. If you take this route, you pay for the tool once and any future modifications of the portal are “free”.

I have used Extentrix Web Optimizer myself and found it very easy to use. After installing the product, I was able to customize my web interface site within matter of minutes. Extentrix Web Optimizer comes with 7 pre-defined templates. I was able to use the templates to modify the header and footer image, color, height, and text. The other components, such as the background image (or color), navigation bar background images and colors, text color etc. can also be modified very easily. Note that Extentrix Systems offers webinars for their products which are available from their web site.

As an added benefit, customization of the web portal can also work as a deterrent against malicious users. Since the technology used to create the portal is not obvious, finding vulnerabilities become more difficult for hackers.

If you use Citrix Web Interface, give the Web Optimizer a try. I am sure you will find it very useful and user-friendly tool.

You can download a trial version of Extentrix Web Optimizer from Extentrix web site.

By: ImtiazKabir

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Studying For The Extending Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011

In order to pass the Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 exam, you will need to understand and be able to articulate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 extends. You will need to understand how to perform platform operations both common and advanced. You will need to understand the advanced features of how Microsoft’s Workflow Foundation works and how to create plug-ins, customize applications and implement web resources. Plug-ins is an essential part of every program these days because they essentially allow the program to work with different functions. Plug-ins are used to customize different applications. Implement web resources is all part of the features of creating plug-ins.

The course code for this course is MB2-876. If you are a web developer, analyst, and consultant or work in the technical or support professions, you will want to take the Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 exam.

Studying for this exam will allow you to gain entry to positions with the technology specialist field. You will gain a deeper understanding of the technical industry. You will find that by passing this exam you will be able to utilize the skills you have learned in new positions and opportunities that will appear for you.

This exam is quite intensive so you will want to make sure you are studying hard for it. You will need to be diligent in your studies. You will want to make sure that you have a quiet place to study and pace yourself as you are studying. Pacing yourself will allow the information that you have learned sink in more whereas just cramming information a few hours before the exam is really not going to help you at all. Passing the MB2-876 exam will ensure your future in the technology industry and you will see an increase in your pay.
You will have to find the time in your busy schedule to study for the exam because the studying will have to be done on your own time. Certifications are very useful as it separates the experts from the ordinary workers and it shows that you have the initiative to take this exam on your own.

To pass the Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 exam, you will want to make sure that you have a good basic knowledge of CRM because that is what the exam will be focusing on. There are several really good resources on the internet that will help you prepare for the exam.

There are quite a few skills that will be measured in the MB2-876 exam. You will want to understand what skills you will need to learn about. This exam will focus on the user interface and it will cover the different skills needed in the sales, service, scheduling and marketing fields. Goal management is another topic that will be covered and you will want to study up on this. There will be new topics covered on this exam, such as visualization charts and inline filtering. Other important changes you will need to focus on are server infrastructure, reporting extensions and deployment manager.

By: Stefan Woody